OBS Multiplatform Two PC non-partner twitch settings
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So I made this video in a hurry to answer some question people have been asking me in regards to my current stream setup, as the picture quality is decent and watchable from most foreign countries.
I will write down the quick settings here, if you want explanations as to why I choose a certain setting, the video explains mostly everything. This is a more advanced guide, I will make a beginner guide once OBS Multiplatform fixes some issues with its game capture. If you have a question feel free to comment on here or on the video.

Output Section:

Output Mode: Advanced

-Streaming Tab:
Automatically Reconnect: Leave unchecked
Retry Delay (seconds): 10
Maximum Retries: 20
Audio Track: 1
Encoder: x264
Enforce streaming service encoder settings: Checked
Rescale output: Unchecked
Bitrate: 2370
Use custom buffer size: Checked
Buffer Size: 2370
Keyframe Interval (seconds, 0=auto): 2
Use CBR: Checked
CPU Usage Preset (higher=less CPU): fast
Profile: main
Tune: (None)
x264 Options: opencl=true

-Audio Tab:
I set all Audio bitrates to 128. 96 also usable, would not go below that, would not go above 192

Audio Section:
Sample Rate: 44.1khz
Channels: Stereo
If you use a mixer, set Mic/Auxiliary Device to the Mixer, Disable any others. If you wish to have multiple audio devices connected to the PC (such as two sound cards or multiple USB Microphones) you can set Desktop Audio Device & Desktop Audio Device 2, same with Microphones as Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device & Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device 2, although I highly recommend running multiple devices through a mixer.

Video Section:
Renderer: Direct3D 11
Video Adapter: Unselected/Blank
Base Resolution: 1280×720
Scaled Resolution: 1280×720
Downscale FIlter: Lanczos (Sharpened Scaling, 32 samples)
Integer FPS Value: 30

Audio Buffering Time: 1000
Color Format: NV12
YUV Color Space: 709
YUV Color Range: Full

Capture Card Details:
1. First, add your capture card by pressing the green + button, then click “Video Capture Device”.
Device: Avermedia HD Capture C985 Bus (x) (Mine was bus 6)
Resolution:FPS Type: Custom
Resolution: 1280×720
FPS: 30
Video Format: Any
YUV Color Space: Default
YUV Color Range: Full
Buffering: Auto-Detect
Flip Vertically: Unchecked (some devices or OS’s such as linux can have the picture upside down, this is why this option is available)
Audio Output Mode: Capture audio only
Use custom audio device: Unchecked

This pertains to adding custom filters, in my case it was necessary for the Livegamer HD Card:
2. In the sources window, right click your newly added capture card, click “Filters”
-in the bottom window, click the green “+” sign
-choose “Color Correction”
-set contract to 0.20

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