So, I Flatpak’d League of Legends. Merry Christmas?

Going to be real honest here. Thanks to the recent news related to pirates flatpaking wine games, I was able to modify their creation script and use it to flatpak league of legends. I’ve uploaded everything to github to hopefully serve as an example to anyone else interested in the process. I’ve also made the script pull all code from ubuntu web sources and compile it using flatpak build, so no precompiled libraries are used or pulled from the host system during package creation. WARNING: This thing compiles wine, and will take a while.

It has some fps issues on my vega 64 due to the mesa version that comes with flatpak (17.2.2), however on nvidia its working fine. I could use some input from RX 500 and lower series users on performance, as well as intel.

Tested on:
r5 1600 + Nvidia GTX 1050 (~55-70fps)
r5 1700x + AMD RX Vega 64 (~30fps) – possibly do to flatpak mesa version. Natively it runs 120-180fps

You can find the github repo here:


First install flatpak for your distro.
On arch:

sudo pacman -S flatpak

**To build the flatpak:**
Install lutris for your distro:

In lutris menus: Lutris>Manage Runners>Wine>Manage Versions
check the box next to staging-2.21 i386 and wait for it to install.


git clone  
cd flatpak-leagueoflegends  
 ./flatpak-make leagueoflegends leagueoflegends LeagueClient.exe i386   

**To install the flatpak:**

flatpak --user remote-add --no-gpg-verify --if-not-exists flathub  
flatpak --user install -y --app --bundle "leagueoflegends.flatpak"  
flatpak --user install flathub org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default/i386/1.6  
flatpak run org.RiotGames.leagueoflegends  

If you need to remove:

(If you need to make a backup of your League install, copy the Riot Games folder from ~/.local/share/flatpak-riotgames/leagueoflegends/drive_c/)
flatpak --user uninstall org.RiotGames.leagueoflegends  
sudo rm -R ~/.local/share/flatpak-riotgames  

wine prefix is located in ~/.local/share/flatpak-riotgames/leagueoflegends see located inside the wine prefix for useful wine commands.

You can run the game with command:

flatpak run org.RiotGames.leagueoflegends