2019: A new career!

So as some of you may be aware, It’s been a while since I’ve made any posts to my blog. There’s a very good reason for that. As of February 18th, 2019, I’m now a Technical Support Engineer for Red Hat Enterprise Linux!

That’s right folks. Your “I use Arch, btw” memelord is officially working for Red Hat. That being said, it is time I said goodbye to Arch, and Hello to Fedora. All of the knowledge and guides and tweaks I’ve learned to do in Arch, I will now be migrating over to Fedora. There are a few reasons for this, besides my obvious employment change.

First, Fedora uses flatpak heavily. The more things I can learn to flatpak, the more it benefits everyone else without those people having to fiddle with anything. Flatpaks are literal one click solutions. So think about it this way:
I can flatpak Warframe. I can flatpak Final Fantasy XIV. I can flatpak League of Legends (again), and many other games.

Additionally, Fedora’s installer is user friendly, and as it stands, I’ve already got my Fedora setup tweaked to the same setup I had on Arch – using the latest kernel, and mesa-git+llvm-svn.

Also, you guys remember those problems with Dying Light and Divinity: Original Sin? Yeah, I have simple shims for those now that work on any distro. In Addition to that, I’ve been building custom proton builds in vagrant using various custom wine patches, and FAudio compiled with FFMpeg.

Lots of good things are coming down the pipeline, just stay tuned!

As of right now, these are spare time projects, as my main focus is getting my RHCSA and RHCE Certificates completed. After that, it’s party time.