Hey guys, it’s been a while!

WHEW. So…. if any of you have been keeping up with me on social media, you know I’ve been busy these last few years, and I’m very sorry I’ve neglected to keep this website up to date. I’m going to work on getting it cleaned up over the next few days and get some things up to date.

One of the biggest issues is that alot of my articles get bombarded by spam that needs moderating, so I’ll have to get that sorted. It’s also kind of been a roller coaster. Since I started working at Red Hat in 2019, I’ve now been promoted two times — and am currently a Software Maintenance Engineer. As some of you know about a year ago I also started nobaraproject.org, which is my own Linux distribution based on Fedora. I also still upload youtube videos regularly, despite not putting them here like a bad person (booooo).

I have not been as active on twitch at all really, mainly because of two factors. The first being time constraints, and the second being when I just want to play video games, people tend to treat my chat as linux troubleshooting/online tech support, which it is not. It’s hard to relax when that happens so I took a hiatus from twitch.

With the twitch hiatus unfortunately came a lack of development with quorrabot (my twitch chat bot). I haven’t had anyone really reach out on Discord about it, so my assumption is it does not get much use these days. I’d like to continue to keep it alive given time allows, however it should be noted there are better options available these days, and the music player functionality is kind of obsolete given the whole twitch copyright debacle that happened. If there’s any interest from others for keeping it alive please let me know in Discord.

For now I’m going to go ahead and list some of the current active projects I’m involved in for those who come across my website:

Proton-GE (Custom Proton fork):

Wine-GE (Wine build using Proton’s wine base, and Proton-GE patches, meant for use with Lutris):

Nobara Project (my Linux distribution based on Fedora):


And my Patreon for anyone interested (thank you!):